July 4 -July 9, 2022

Theme: "Positioning Women for Leadership in Higher Education"

Associate Vice Chancellor, RIE, Prof. Margaret Hutchinson received courtesy call from Professor Margaret L. Khaitsa,Visiting Professor, University of Nairobi, about the upcoming one-week Leadership Academy for women in higher education institutions in East Africa.

Preparation has started and women from various faculties are encouraged to  participate in this professional development opportunity and   create awareness about the program.

Higher Education Resource Services, East Africa (HERS-EA) ACADEMY provides an intensive leadership and management development curriculum which equips women with skills needed to advance their personal career development and successfully navigate the institutional environment where they operate. The goal of the HERS-EA training is to raise the proportion of women in leadership and management positions in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Eastern Africa (Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Uganda).

The program is focused on managing and leading change, human resource development and institutional effectiveness. The ACADEMY prepares every participant to strengthen and expand her leadership skills by working closely with HERS-EA resource persons and staff. Participants will find the ACADEMY to be a safe environment to share confidential matters.

Following four previous successful Academies, The Fifth HERS-EA ACADEMY will be offered
in a one-week blended (virtual and in-person) format in Nairobi, Kenya (July 4th -9th 2022), we
hope you can be part of the success story

1. Who Should Attend?
HERS-EA expects many diverse and dynamic women leaders to attend the ACADEMY, to share and learn from multiple institutional perspectives with guidance from women with a wealth of experience in higher education, national academic organizations, government and non- governmental organizations.
Participants are expected hold mid to senior-level positions and bring expertise from all parts of a college or university. They also represent a range of national groups, ages and years of experience in higher education and other fields.

2. Applying to the ACADEMY:
All applicants should download and fill the Registration Form (available at www.HERSEA.org) and return by Friday March 18th, 2022.

A complete application includes:
a) A brief 1-page CV (focus on employment history, responsibilities and

b) Passport size photograph
c) A brief description of developmental project you expect to initiate at your
campus or workplace (maximum 200 words, see samples)

d) Registration fee of $150

3. Contact Information
If you have any further questions, please email:
info@hersea.org or call the HERS-EA Administrator on: +256 (0)772082011
Please, also, visit the HERS-EA website for further updates: