Decarbonising Transport Award: Supporting ideas that cut transport CO2 in emerging economies

The Decarbonising Transport Award supports the transition to zero-carbon transport in newly-prosperous countries that face a growing demand for mobility. Award winners receive financial support for their proposed project and the opportunity to collaborate with the ITF.

Transport CO2 emissions in emerging economies are set to increase strongly as growing populations and incomes drive up transport activity. Offering carbon-neutral transport solutions to meet this new demand will be critical to stopping climate change. Yet funding is scarce and incentives are limited for research and innovation that address this vital challenge.

The Decarbonising Transport Award recognizes projects with great potential to help decarbonize transport in these nations. It is awarded in two categories:

  • The Research Award offers EUR 5 000 towards the realization of a proposed research project.
  • The Innovation Award offers EUR 10 000 towards the development or implementation of innovative solutions to reduce transport CO2.


Funder: International Transport Forum


Deadline: February 13, 2022