1. Research Infrastructure, development and formulation of appropriate policies

  2. Research Planning, Coordination, Administration, Logistical support for research at all levels

  3. Coordinating the sourcing of research funds

  4. Protection of Intellectual Assets, commercialization, dissemination and publication

  5. Strategic alliances with Government, industry, local and international research institutes

  6. Management of Research Libraries and Archives

  7. Research branding, setting standards, quality assurance/control and capacity building

  8. Coordination of relevant seminars, consultancies, workshops, conferences and symposia

  9. Research benchmarking exchange of scholars

  10. Negotiation and management of Research contracts and consultancies and

  11. Internationalization of the university

  12. Mainstreaming ICT into Grants Management

  13. Mainstreaming ST&I and reporting to NACOSTI  and government


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