Expanding Prevention Strategies for Mental Disorders in Mobile Populations in Humanitarian Crises

Human mobility is broadly defined as human movement, as individuals or groups, including both long-term migration and/or short-term travel. Mobile populations include people who are on the move due to livelihood needs, displacement, household fluidity, rural to urban migrations, and involuntary mobility such as trafficking for sexual exploitation or forced labor. The National Institute of Mental Health is issuing this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and seeks to fund research focused on understanding the role human mobility has on mental health outcomes and developing and testing culturally appropriate preventive interventions for mental disorders that may develop during all phases of migration. This FOA seeks to develop assessment tools, preventive interventions, and implementation approaches to improve mental health outcomes in mobile populations

URL : https://research.ubuntunet.net/opportunity/expanding-prevention-strategies-for-mental-disorders-in-mobile-populations-in-humanitarian-crises/