ARUA-Carnegie Capacity Building Workshop: Invitation to Participants

ARUA-CARNEGIE CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP (Data-gathering and Benchmarking Project) was held at the Auditorium of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences in Accra, Ghana. The event was scheduled to take place on 25–27 May 2022.University of Nairobi AVC(RIE) Office was nominated  to attend the workshop.

The workshop is for persons at ARUA member universities that have been involved in the Carnegie-sponsored data-gathering and benchmarking project. This was face-to-face event that provided an opportunity for all participants to share their experiences and receive feedback from the data consultants. The planned event additionally provide a networking opportunity for participants/point persons at the ARUA member universities ahead of the planned study tours to the South African member universities.
At the end of the workshop, ARUA will use the opportunity of the event to launch its 5-year strategic plan in a hybrid event.