Theme: Integrating Technology in Conservation Biology –A collaboration between University of Nairobi and Linkoping University

Prof Mary Kinoti Director, Intellectual property management office on behalf of Deputy Vice Chancellor (RIE) Prof. Margaret Hutchinson Officially opened the BOC Workshop of Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Biology that was held at University of Nairobi Tower.

This workshop wa chaired by Prof Catherine Kukhoba Char Department of Biology.

Prof Mary Kinoti Noted that University recognizes the developing conservation innovations and technology requires collaboration and partnerships with other universities and research institutions both in Africa and from abroad. The approach creates opportunities for sharing skills and hastening the transformation of innovations to useful technologies.  

She also acknowledged the new collaboration between UoN and Linkoping University (dubbed Project Ngulia). She appreciated its major aim is in developing innovative technological tools in enhancing wildlife conservation management particularly in Tsavo National park.  The collaboration with LiU in the field of research and innovative technology for conservation has come at the right time when the country has just undergone a long-drawn drought that has caused increased in wildlife stress countrywide and also heightened man/wildlife conflicts.

The collaboration complements other collaborations such as the Wangari Maathai Institute and the Institute of Climate Change Adaptation in developing technologies that will enhance the conservation of wildlife and its habitats/environment.

Finally in this context Prof Mary foresee this Biology of Conservation (BOC) workshop as a unique opportunity to build or strengthen partnerships among the participating scientists and institutions in developing new innovations and technology for better conservation and management of wildlife in Africa.