The Rockefeller Foundation from the New York had a brief visit to our University in the Faculty of Agriculture. During their visit the team was hosted by Prof. Margaret J. Hutchinson, DVC (RIE), Prof. Moses Nyagito, the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Jane Amboko the Project Principal Investigator and together with the project and faculty staff.

The Rockefeller Foundation from head office during their Home week time got the opportunity to build relationships, learn about the Foundation’s priorities, and reflect on the opportunities to scale the Foundation’s impact as they visited the Faculty of Agriculture to see the work on Food Loss and Waste Reduction which has been supported by the foundation since 2016 and also visited the Cold Storage Technologies Hub on 29June 2023.

The team was led by Mr. William Asiko who is the Vice President, Africa Regional Office and East African Rockefeller Foundation regional office holder and Ms Natalye Paquin who is the Chief Operating Officer, Operations, New York office.

In 2016, The Rockefeller Foundation supported the University of Nairobi with a grant that went towards creating awareness about food loss and waste in supply chains and setting up demo agro-processing hubs to showcase opportunities for low-cost solutions in addressing food loss. The visit would enable them to learn more about practical application of small-scale processing technologies and innovative cold storage technologies for fruits and vegetables developed and/or promoted by University of Nairobi’s Post-Harvest Research Team.

The visiting team included approximately 10 RF staff from the NY and Africa Regional Offices.