Enhancing Research Data Management Training

Research plays a pivotal role in advancing scientific discoveries and driving innovation across
various disciplines. However, managing these data efficiently and effectively is essential to
enhance data driven decision-making, one of the UoN’s 5 Reform Agenda. Recognizing this
need, the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) granted University of Nairobi a
seed fund to develop a research data management infrastructure as well as staff capacity building
project to enhance research data management.
The office of the DVC RIE in collaboration with Director ICT, on February 8, 2024 held a
training program for targeted research grant data administrators and managers. The training was
facilitated by seasoned experts in Information Management Systems; Dr. Caroline Kiptoo and
Ms. Josephine Mwangi. Leveraging on their expertise and practical insights, the facilitators
guided participants through interactive sessions, practical activities encouraging active
engagement and knowledge sharing.
The two-day program delved into various aspects of research grant data management, equipping
participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to streamline processes, enhance
accountability and uptake, and maximize the impact of research funding.
The key objectives of the program was to:
1. Understanding Grant Management Systems: Participants gained insights into the
fundamental principles of grant management systems, including grant opportunities,
proposal management, grant management, budgeting, and reporting.
2. Utilizing of the System: The training emphasized on the uptake and utilization of the
RGMIS to streamline grant management processes, automation of repetitive tasks, and
improvement of data accuracy.
3. Enhancing Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication and
collaboration are crucial in grant management. Participants learned strategies to foster
seamless communication channels and enhance collaboration among stakeholders within
the grant management process.
Feedback from participants underscored the value of the training in enhancing their
understanding of research grant management system and equipping them with practical tools and
strategies to overcome challenges in their roles. Participants expressed appreciation for the
learning environment and the opportunity to engage different stakeholders.
The collaboration with IREX and ARUA underscores a commitment to strengthening research
capacities and fostering excellence in grant management across research institutions. By
empowering grant administrators and research division management personnel with the requisite

skills and knowledge, the program contributes to the advancement of impactful research
endeavors that address pressing societal challenges and drive sustainable development.
Through continued collaboration and capacity-building efforts, stakeholders can collectively
harness the transformative power of research grants to fuel innovation, promote knowledge
exchange, and ultimately, shape a brighter future for Africa and beyond.
The University of Nairobi highly recognize and appreciate this collaboration and hope further
future engagements.

RGMIS Training ParticipantsRGMIS Training participants