17TH TO 19TH MAY 2023


Hon Machogu

The University of Nairobi has consistently mounted the Nairobi Innovation Week until this 7th edition. This is a pathway for researchers to share their research with the public and to curate research output- Hon. Machogu speaking at the Nairobi Innovation Week 2023

Prof Kiama

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kiama took the audience through a small history of the UoN and highlights the achievements of the institution over the years. He exclaimed, 'I don't know where this country would be without the University of Nairobi. Over the years though looking at how far we have come, Innovation has played a crucial role but we need to scale Innovation and get a paradigm shift in terms of partnerships, Infrastructure and Research output said Prof. Kiama.

It is ironical that Nairobi is sometimes known as the silicon valley and yet Kenya have not invested in research and Innovation added  Prof. Kiama as He  challenges the government to reconsider resource allocation to Research that can then create jobs for young people.

Prof Hutchinson

Prof. Hutchinson,DVC, RIE  speaking at the opening ceremony also assured that as a University they were moving towards the Innovation culture fast because its a matter of urgency.


Prof. Mary Kinoti noted that Nairobi Innovation Week 2023 received a good number of innovations to highlight on, out of the collective number of innovations highlighted, 60% of the innovators were students which is an encouragement to the University.

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